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Environmentalist Aldo Leopold designed the benches in the 1930s. I have watched hundreds of people experience the surprise of how comfortable these benches are. Aldo got it right. My benches are a little bigger because people are bigger now than they were in the 1930s. I call my revised benches “Hillsborough benches” in honor of my beloved adopted home town.

We also offer adult chairs, tables, and children’s chairs and benches, finished with all-natural milk paint and/or tung oil, or unfinished to allow you to express your own creativity. And we take orders to create products to your specifications.




Antiques   Art 

Hillsborough is home to several auction houses, and opening Nature’s Way gave me a reason to venture in. From wealthy estates to family farms, including private collections of everything under the sun, from surrounding NC and across the country, I bring you treasures and “recycled” items that you may have never seen before. I find excellent art of all kinds, including folk art at shockingly low prices which I pass on to my customers. Enjoy the delight of finding something unexpected for yourself or someone you love. Browsers are welcome here!



Native wildflowers and grasses, unusual perennials including a great collection of shade plants, succulents, stunning carniverous pitcher plants and other pond plants…we’ve got plants you won’t find at your ordinary garden center.


Milk Paint

I discovered milk paint when looking for an eco-friendly paint for my environmentalist-designed benches. Yes, milk paint is made from curdled milk. It comes in powder form, 28 different colors derived from earth-based pigments that you can mix to create an unlimited palette. Just add water! I am convinced that our milk paint, made by the Real Milk Paint Company of the finest, all-natural ingredients, is the best on the market.

We also sell 100% tung oil (unlike hardware store tung oil which contains a petroleum distillate) and citrus solvent, a great product to have around the house as a natural cleaner, degreaser, and drain un-clogger.