Nature's Way

What is Nature’s Way?

Carol at Nature’s Way
invites you to:

Firelight and Folk Music

Thursday, December 8
5-9 pm


Nature is a creative, resourceful experiment barreling down many paths trying to balance an extraordinary number of ever-changing parts. It created life in incredibly diverse forms, each species driven to insure its own survival.

Humans are part of nature. We not only procreate, we co-create. Our interaction with the earth is reflected in

  • never-ending technological change,
  • many diverse cultures,
  • the unfolding of human history.

My half-acre patch called Nature’s Way is my co-creation. Here we

  • conserve resources through recycling and repurposing,
  • preserve old things from different cultures to inform our journey into the new,
  • sell natural and local products for our homes and bodies, and 
  • follow and promote practices that contribute to a healthy environment, including the local human community.

It started with a small store selling environmentalist Aldo Leopold’s benches made from recycled wood, native plants, and eclectic recycled goods for home and garden. Gradually I am re-landscaping the property to create a healthy habitat for wildlife and a gathering place for social and educational gatherings.

I hope you will like my version of Nature’s Way!